The Other Side to Sound...

Here’s a project we’ve been working on.

The brief? Simple, to bring Hi-Fi audio into any room – big or small.


With the power to fill the party, the precision to hear every instrument, and the battery to do it all with one charge. 


Introducing Fidelity.

Implementing our efficient yet powerful amplifier. Everything in Fidelity, from the electronics to the enclosure is designed and built to sing in perfect harmony.



Made for you – every Fidelity speaker is truly unique, assembled by hand, and made to order.

our most powerful speaker yet

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Battery Life

22+ Hrs (80% Playback Volume)


Bluetooth® 48kHz, 32-bit 

Dual-Channel, Differential Audio

2x ø25mm Sonotex Dome Tweeters

2x ø120mm Composite Woofers

Seamless Touch Media Controls

Geometric Solid Oak Baffle


48kHz, 32-bit

2x ø25mm 

Sonotex™ Dome Tweeters

2x ø120mm 

Composite Woofers

Touch Media Controls

Solid Oak Baffle


(H)232mm x (W)634mm x (D)310mm